Prepping for a Black Swan – EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) – Part 1

It’s Wednesday morning.  You are driving into work as the Sun creeps up over the horizon making it difficult for you to see the road.  Someone driving a hybrid cuts you off, forcing you to slam on the brakes to avoid getting into a wreck.  Frustrated, you compose yourself by taking a deep and focused breath trying to shake off your anger.  You continue driving.  You’re just minutes away from work, but you’re not rushed; you’re running early today.  You come up on a traffic light that you hope you don’t get caught at.  It takes forever to cycle through.  As you approach, it turns yellow.  You think to yourself, “Dammit! If I was 2 seconds earlier I wouldn’t have to wait on this crap!”.  As you brake, you have your eyes focused on the yellow light that is moments away from turning red.  Suddenly, you see sparks fly from the transformer on the pole on the side of the road.  The traffic light explodes in a mesmerizing display of sparks.  You notice that your steering wheel is stiff and all the gauges on your dash reset to zero.  Holy crap, your car just turned off!  The person in the car just behind you to your left veers into your car, jarring you.

What in the hell just happened!?

A very strong solar storm, generated by the Sun, just made a direct hit with the Earth.  The entire electrical grid for the northern hemisphere is completely crippled and non-functional.  Any vehicles that require a computer to operate are unusable.  There is no means of communication via mobile phone or land-line.  What do you do now?



An EMP (a.k.a. Electro-Magnetic Pulse) is a short burst of electromagnetic energy.   A pulse may occur in the form of a radiated electric or magnetic field, and may be natural or man-made.  Strong EMP’s can damage electronic equipment.  So, any preps that include electronic devices that you have that are not protected from an EMP are at risk of being turned into paper weights.  Additionally, a strong enough EMP can knock out the electric grid primarily by destroying transformers.

Sources and History

There are 3 primary sources of EMP’s:  Solar Storms from the Sun, Nuclear Explosions, and Engineered Non-Nuclear Devices.

In 1859, a solar storm caused auroras down to the Carribean and caused telegraph systems to fail worldwide due to stray electric currents generated by the solar storm interacting with the telegraph lines.  This was dubbed the “Carrington Event“, named after the amateur astronomer that observed the solar flare that caused it.  Studies have shown that a solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread problems for modern civilization not limited to destruction of the electric grid. There is an estimated 12% chance of a similar event occurring between 2012 and 2022 (NASA link).  Additionally, in 1989, a solar storm blacked out the power grid in Quebec.  In July of 2012 the earth was sparred from a huge plasma cloud ejected by the Sun by a mere few days (Washington Post link).

In July of 1962, the military discovered the hard way that detonating a nuclear bomb at a high altitude over the Pacific Ocean caused electrical damage 1,400 km away in Hawaii.  The Heritage Foundation has done a great job detailing this threat (link).

The use of Engineered Non-Nuclear Devices to cause an EMP strong enough to cause significant damage to electrical systems and devices does not to my knowledge have any historical occurrences.  However, theoretically this is also a source of a threat.

Coming in Part 2

  1. How to protect your electronics from an EMP (and what electronics are worth protecting)
  2. What to do in the first 15 minutes
  3. Essential preps you should have


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Welcome to the USA – Welfare For Immigrants

Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your new country can do for you.  Better yet – Ask not what you can do for your country, but how the USA can coddle you and implant an entitlement mindset in you as soon as your feet touch our soil.

Hell, we’ll just raise the debt limit, tell the Federal Reserve to print the money, and poof — everyone is taken care of.

The Department of Homeland Anti-Security is actively promoting welfare to immigrants with their website.  That’s right, they haven’t contributed a cent, and they get their Supplemental Security Income, Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Healthcare, and on and on and on.  Free, all of it.  Come on, welcome to the USA, hop on the tax payer provided gravy train.  Don’t even bother learning English either.

I find two things quite telling.

1. They have links to federal websites with welfare information specifically in Spanish (read: immigrants from our southern border).  Let’s not forget that the democrats (and now some of the Republican aristocracy) are pushing for amnesty and automatic citizenship.  Heck, there is no need to even learn the language.

2. This quote from their Education page: “Free public education for children is one reason many immigrants come to the United States.“.  That’s right, free education is the reason they are here (amongst the other enumerated freebies).  Didn’t they say that they come here so they can work and partake in the american dream.   I guess if the american dream is sucking at the government tit, then yes.

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Another Reason Why We Are Doomed – Open Borders

In response to an Obama re-election parts of the GOP aristocracy has decided that since Obumbler garnered 70% of the Hispanic vote, then they should not just soften the stance on illegal immigration, but go leaps and bounds further by talking amnesty.  You can read more about their planned cultural-suicide plans here.

“First they have to be legalized,” Gutierrez said. “Then you have to find a way to get into a line for the green card. … There will be requirements. And we’ll have to negotiate some sort of requirements.”

Hard-line stances by Republicans, and Romney himself, about issues such as immigration, government assistance programs and affordable healthcare became a rallying point for Latino leaders and the Obama campaign, who warned that a Romney presidency would create hardship for Latinos and fuel hostility against them.

More than 70 percent of Latino voters supported Obama, who has been more open to comprehensive overhaul of immigration law.

So, apparently, the solution is legalize the current people who broke into our country and violated our laws and our national sovereignty.  I can’t possibly see where this could go wrong.  The apparent solution to our increased welfare state (a lot of which is consumed by illegals via their anchor babies)  is to get re-elected by appearing more friendly to them and then doling out more welfare while promising to turn a 1.2 trillion dollar a year deficit into a budget surplus.  Great plan guys!

We already know that Alabama reduced its unemployment by becoming stricter on illegals: Alabama’s Unemployment Rate Plummets In Wake Of Tougher Illegal Immigration Laws

Alabama’s unemployment rate has suddenly started dropping fast – and much faster than its neighboring states – raising the intriguing possibility that the conventional wisdom that illegal immigrants “take jobs that Americans won’t do” is wrong, at least when the economy is terrible.

The state’s unemployment rate fell 1.2 percentage points in three months – September through November – a much faster improvement than achieved in any of its neighboring states.

Clearly, if we reverse course then the unemployment rate will continue to decline!?!?!?

I can’t wait to hear and see all the radio and TV ads in spanish explaining to all of our new brothers in arms in the war of Obamageddon how they can get their welfare benefits.  Like Food Stamps — which we apparently already encourage for our multitude illegal immigrant “citizens”.

Over 100 million are already on welfare — in perpetuity.

This is not just Americans, however. “These figures include not only citizens, but non-citizens as well,” according to the committee.

This is why we are doomed.  We believe that multi-culturalism must succeed, against all odds, and no matter how much money is stolen and redistributed.  No matter how much violence, lawlessness, and social disorder is created by all those who have no respect for our laws — nor any sort of law and order.  No, seriously, if one of their offspring shoots at a cop and then the cop drops him/her/it, then they riot.  I’m serious.

Yep, more of this.  More taxes, less jobs, more disorder, no english, no assimilation — just rioting and entitlement.  Then the whole system will implode and they’ll blame everyone but themselves.

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